Information for Sponsors

If your company is interested in supporting women in computer science, sponsoring CS Kickstart is a great way to make a difference! Your sponsorship gift will enable us to host the Kickstart participants, recruit teachers and guest speakers, and create an enjoyable and educational week for women to explore computer science. To get involved, please see our sponsorship levels below and contact Rebecca Andrews (

Kilobyte Sponsor

Donation amount: $250 (funds .5 participants)

Sponsor perks at this level include:

  • Company logo on website
  • Distributing company promotional materials to CS KickStart participants

Megabyte Sponsor

Donation amount: $500 (funds 1 participant)

Sponsor perks at this level include:

  • All Kilobyte sponsor perks
  • Sending a representative to Industry Dinner (if space available)
  • Company logo on t-shirt

Gigabyte Sponsor

Donation amount: $1000 (funds 2 participants)

Sponsor perks at this level include:

  • All Megabyte sponsor perks
  • Sending a representative to our KickStart Week Industry Panel (if space available)
  • The opportunity to send updates about upcoming events, opportunities, and news about your company on our CS KickStart mailing list. This offers a long term relationship with the students.

Terabyte Sponsor

Donation amount: $2000 (funds 4 participants)

Sponsor perks at this level include:

  • All Gigabyte sponsor perks
  • Opportunity to sponsor a special event during CS Kickstart Week (i.e. Dinner, Social Event, Scavenger Hunt, or Hackathon / Hack Night)
  • Holding a workshop during school year with CS KickStart alumni (former participants throughout the years)

Custom Donation

If your company is interested in donating a custom amount, please let us know so we can work with you to create a sponsorship package that works for you.

Sponsorship FAQ

What is the schedule for CS Kickstart Week?

This is the second year of the program, so we are still tweaking the schedule a bit. You can find the schedule from last years program here.

When is the industry panel?

This years industry panel will be during the week of August 26th - August 31st. Check back soon for the exact date.

What will the industry panel look like?

For the panel, we ask panelists to share with our students what led them to work in software development and engineering and offer advice for students who are also interested in a technical career. There will be several prepared questions from the organizers, followed by Q&A from the CS KickStart participants.

My company is donating! When and where do we send the money?

We accept donations year round. However, in order to be featured on the current year's website and T-shirts, a donation should be sent by no later than June 30 of the current year.

To pay by credit card, visit our online donation page on the U of M website.

To pay by check, mail it to:

CS KickStart
Bob and Betty Beyster Building
2260 Hayward Street
Ann Arbor, MI 48109-2121

One of our organizers will send you a confirmation once we recieve the check

What does hosting a field trip entail?

There are around 20 participants and 10 volunteers that come on the industry field trip. Some suggested activities include short office tours, informal employee presentations, and mingling time for employees and CS Kickstarters. Feel free to have fun with it! CS Kickstart can help you work out a schedule and organize transportation to your offices.